Thomas-Dudley manufacture over 6,000 plumbing part trusted both in the UK and overseas. The client wanted to create and launch a new division to its customer base, by consolidating three existing brands sold by TD – Dudley, Epson and Beta. Our challenge was to retain the existing customer brand loyalty around the three product brands – whist also creating a new value proposition that new and existing customers could believe in.


Working as a close, collaborative team, SURE! and Thomas Dudley ideated and shaped the brand’s strategic positioning. This led to a highly successful launch of the new TYDE division through a fresh brand identity and supporting assets. The new campaign and brand really resonated with both new and existing customers strengthening their strategic position in the market.

TYDE Logoafterflat 1200X600
TYDE Logobefore Old 1200X600
Tyde X3 Brochures
Dudley New Product Box Package Mockup

A highly successful brand relaunch that elevated their appeal to both new and existing customers across the UK.

TYDE Business Cards Mockup
Epson Plastic Logo Mock Up
Tyde Brochure Spread
Tyde Brand Guides Mockup Lr
Exhibitionstand 1
Exhibitionstand 3
Exhibitionstand 2
Tyde Imac Pro Mockup