The challenges associated with safe efficient battery logistics are considerable and complex, from volatility of materials to infrastructure. This means that battery logistics can only be carried out by organisations with trusted expertise, capacity, and global connectivity. With such a broad audience on a complex subject, we needed to raise awareness and engagement in the right way.


It was time to unplug from the norm and try something ground-breaking. So our team’s strategy was to create a series of 9 high-quality TV programmes for online broadcast that took an in-depth look at the entire logistics value chain. Meet EV TV! The presenters tackled everything from energy production to vehicle driving range and battery storage. To promote its launch, we handled all SEO organic social, PR, launch assets and animations.

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EV TV Didyouknow Ep2

Awareness for the subject rose significantly with increased web traffic to the campaign pages.

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DHL Team EV Keyring
DHL Team EV Mug
EVTV Imac Mockup