Bullit Group had developed a new toughened CAT phone with enhanced features and specs. Bullit needed us to develop and implement a distributors campaign to drive sales. They’d told us that in-store promotions would be the best way to attract their attention – so all they needed now was a strong creative campaign.


Our creatives came up with the idea to invite customers to ‘test for themselves’ how durable the CAT phone was. Under a campaign challenge ‘Handle Without Care’, customers were encouraged to put the phone through its paces using simulations of typical tough conditions – would they break, or would the phone? We also supported everything with fun online advertising and targeted trade ads.

CAT Poster Ads 1200X600 V2

The client increased sales in countries across Europe and achieved an average return on marketing investment of 130%.

CAT POS 1200X1200
CAT Twin Ads 595X595
CAT Full Page Ad
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