Part of the English Abrasives & Chemicals portfolio since the 1950s, Oakey’s products dominated 45% of the retail and trade markets. However, recently, the brand has lost its premium status.

36.8% response rate to circulation via trade shows and direct mail.

Working closely with Saint Gobain’s UK marketing team, SURE! explored ways to reinvigorate the Oakey brand. We created a new brand identity and supported its launch with the creation of the Oakey Scratch Challenge. This generated a 36.8% response rate at trade shows and from direct mail and helped Saint Gobain to introduce the brand to a whole new wave of distributors.


Logo rebrand


Once complete, we turned our attention to the packaging, picking a distinct colour palette to readily identify components with the range. The Oakey ‘Craftsman’ illustration was also recreated, allowing it to become a distinct brand property.

Packaging rebrand

Liberty Green, Between Coats and Wet & Dry now have regained their prominence in store, more effectively communicating brand values and product benefits, whilst protecting its premium positioning.

Packaging Before & After

The SURE! team also supported the identity launch, creating the Oakey Scratch Challenge to build recognition and encourage sampling. Managed via a dedicated microsite, also created by SURE!, this generated a 36.8% response rate to circulation via trade shows and direct mail.

Revision of the brand has also helped Saint Gobain introduce the brand to new distributors, with discussions with leading consumer DIY sheds currently underway.