After believing its current name would hinder future development of the company,

Bedford Pilgrims Housing Association planned to radically transform its business as well as relocate its head office.

Supported by a comprehensive visual identity, introducing a distinct illustrative style, the new face of bpha enjoyed a substantially positive reception.

After undertaking an extensive fact finding mission, SURE! helped craft a clear future positioning. To help provide clear differentiation and a brand they could truly own, we delivered a wide range of assets including a unique font, an individual illustration style and a marque that neatly embodied many of the values of the business. We then went on to work with developers to roll out the new look across all areas of the business including its new headquarters.


Corporate logo

Application of brand

Illustration of wall graphic

Scope expanded as a result, seeing SURE! working directly with the developers to bring the new identity to life throughout the offices, meeting rooms and public spaces within bpha’s new headquarters.

Illustration applied to wall

Illustration of services provided

Brand guidelines