Why learning at work is crucial for young people’s career development

While E-Learning, workshops and webinars continue to boom, Learning at Work Week is a timely reminder of the benefits of getting people back in the workplace and how a continuous learning approach can support you by building confidence and resilience throughout your professional life.

Young people in particular need to be in the workplace to fully develop their knowledge and skills and understand the purpose of their role within the organisation’s culture and values. The collective energy from working in a team and being immersed in the workplace underpins the development of a wide variety of skills such as communication and storytelling skills, connectivity, problem solving, agility and action planning.

Work based learning as part of an apprenticeship can build skills and knowledge that have direct relevance for the company and also helps to nurture behaviours such as curiosity, resilience, self-awareness and reflection skills. All of these contribute to increasing confidence and an enterprising mindset; attributes that are in high demand within the creative industries and other sectors.

Young people are really important to us at SURE! and are a valuable part of our workforce. With a number of our employees being under 25, learning at work is very much part of our ethos. It has been great seeing Jade, our Business Co-ordinator thrive over the last year after she embarked on her Apprenticeship in Business Administration. Despite the lockdown, Jade says completing work-based projects and learning through her apprenticeship has kept her motivated and proactive and given her the skills, knowledge and confidence to do better in her job role.

Jade Pic 3 copy

Jade Hartley, Business Co-Ordinator at SURE! Creative


‘I really like that the knowledge I have gained through my apprenticeship can immediately be put into practice at work and we have already seen the benefits as a company in real-life work situations. Now I’m back in the office I’m really looking forward to developing my skills further on new projects.’


This brings home the value of fostering a learning culture at work for both employee and the employer and the importance for start-ups and SME’s to build learning and development into their company structures.

Jade is doing her apprenticeship with Creative Alliance who offer a range of apprenticeships tailored for the creative, cultural, digital and marketing industries in the West Midlands

Written by Linda Holmes RCDP, MCDI, Career Development Consultant